Jake's RPG Adventures - A perfect introduction to Role-playing with a patient, knowledgeable Instructor.  Each Session consists of 10 One Hour Classes on Saturdays for $165. [Recommended ages 7 - 11 years old].  Please sign up by clicking on the link "Jake's  RPG Adventures" above. Free dice set for new players!

Will's RPG Beginning/Intermediate Role-playing - With over 40 years of Experience, Will creates a "Hyper-Realistic" environment that is designed to allow the player to immerse themselves into the world and interact with the NPCs they encounter therein. Players create a character or play a pre-made character and work as a group to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and solve problems. Each ‘Drop-In” session is $25 per person, with a 20% discount for Its Your Move Games Members! You can become a member by signing up at “Our Store” on this very website. Fall 2019 weekend games begin Saturday, August 25, 2019!

  • Saturday - Starfinder - 3PM to 6PM - Following on the heels of Pathfinder Legacy Edition, these rules allow Players to become space-faring Aliens (or Humans, Elves, etc.), adventuring into the blackness of space and discovering new creatures, planets and civilizations in their travels. Will you play a Militant Vesk Soldier, a Peaceful Shirren Xenoseeker or a Wild Lashunta Technomancer? The choice is yours! Applicants will require a level One Starfinder character or they will be provided with a pregenerated character until such a time as they can remedy the situation.

  • Sunday - Pathfinder 2.0 - 11AM to 2PM - Out with the Old and in with the New! Taking cues from D&D 5e and Starfinder, Pathfinder 2.0 offers a considerable improvement of play-style and makes it easy to learn for beginners. It still retains all the crunch that the “Hardcore” gamers love, offering over 10,000 character options just in the Core Rules! Applicants will require a level One Pathfinder 2.0 character or they will be provided a pregenerated character until such a time as they can make one themselves.

  • Sunday - Hackmaster - 3PM to 6PM - Not For Beginners! Hackmaster is more akin to 1st Edition (AD&D) Dungeons & Dragons with influence from the myriad editions since it’s conception in the early 1970s. Whereas games like D&D5e and Pathfinder 2.0 tell the stories of Heroes and Superheroes, Hackmaster focuses on the path to becoming a Hero; Your character begins play as a commoner with no special abilities (all statistics are randomly rolled using 3d6). You start hungry and poor, little or no fame and barely enough Honor to avoid being jailed as a miscreant. Monsters that would be nothing more than speed bumps in other RPGs can become epic battles of survival. Armor does what armor was meant to do - stop damage. Shields deflect blows instead of hanging on your arm for a couple points of Armor Class. The best part about Hackmaster is you can always do something because the combat system isn’t based on turns - you can move and hide, run away or reposition yourself in ways that other RPGs won’t allow due to action being broken down by the second! Plus, you get to roll your own Defense instead of just sitting there and taking it! Flanking and Rear attacks give bonuses, each player had a distinct role in the party and everyone is trying to gain the most Honor Points! The addition of Quirks and Flaws offers numerous Role-Play opportunities with often hilarious results.


Wednesdays -Board Game Classes - { recommended Ages 8 to 16] drop in- Board Game class after school from 3 to 6pm (Drop off 2:30, pick-up until 6:30pm). We will be teaching strategic board games, (ie: Catan, Ticket to Ride, Mysterium etc.), from our in-store library. This teaches critical thinking, team-work and social skills. The games we chose will be games that specially teach age appropriate skills as well as be fun to play. The goal is that every game we teach will be something that the youth can them teach his/her family. Every one who participates will be able to then play these games with their family in the store. This event has a $15 cost.

Thursdays - Emerald Spire: [recommended Ages 10-16] Drop-in Role-playing (Pathfinder Rules System) from 4pm to 6pm (Drop-off 3:30pm, pick up until 6:30pm). Our It's Your Move Interns, Zev and Jacob, run this event and it has a $15 cost.

Fridays - Learn to Play Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and MtG Draft:

  • Learn to Play Pokemon: Hosted by Tyler Goble, our in-store Pokemon Maser, you and/or your little one can learn to play 'Poke'Mon!' the way it was intended! $15 Entrance Fee includes a current Booster Pack to add to your collection From 3:30pm to 6pm.

  • Learn to Play Magic the Gathering: Drop-in and learn how to play and build decks for only $5! Bring a deck or borrow one of ours to play casually and improve your game! From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

  • Magic the Gathering Youth Draft Play: [Recommended Ages 9+] From 5:15 pm to 9 pm, includes 3 Booster Packs from the Latest MtG Set, $16 per person. Basic Lands are available to BORROW to complete your minimum 40-card Magic Deck!