• Its Your Move Games (map)
  • 4920 Telegraph Avenue
  • Oakland, CA, 94609
  • United States

Draft in the store is every Thursday and Friday night at 7 pm, ( we open packs at 7:15). The cost is $15. Everyone keeps all the cards they draft, including rares and one booster pack per person goes into the prize pool.  Thursday nights are quiet as t is after hours and during the school year is for adults. Friday nights is vibrant as we have a full store with MTG FNM draft in the back of the store and Friday night board gaming in the front of the store. We usually have approx. 20% youth on Friday nights.  We have a meetup for all Magic events here at the store which include all pre-releases, GPT's and Game days.  We also host many other formats like two headed giant, pauper modern and drafting to a cube among others formats. For more event information check our events on FB *** or Meetup ***