Jake's RPG Adventures - A perfect introduction to Role-playing with a patient, knowledgeable Instructor.  Each Session consists of 10 One Hour Classes on Saturdays for $165. [Recommended ages 7 - 11 years old].  Please sign up by clicking on the link "Jake's  RPG Adventures" above. Free dice set for new players!

Will's RPG Beginning/Intermediate Role-playing - With over 40 years of Experience, Will creates a "Hyper-Realistic" environment that is designed to immerse the Player into the Fantasy or Space Opera world in which they find their Characters a part of. Focus is placed on improving rules knowledge, rapid long and short subtraction/addition problems, writing skills, critical-thinking, problem-solving and social interaction with peers and Non-Player Characters run by GM Will. Each Weekend Class is from Noon to 4pm, with a $25 entrance fee.

  • Saturday - Starfinder: Dead Suns Adventure Path - From humble beginnings, our Heroes are swept up into Cosmic Intrigue as they investigate the source of a strange chunk of rock found in the Drift of space. Little do they know, its part of a much larger construct that could threaten the safety of the entire Galaxy! Can they stop the terror of the Devourer Cults and avoid being destroyed by the machinations of the mysterious Bone Fleet before its too late?
  • Sunday - Strange Aeons: A Pathfinder Adventure Path - After waking up in a Sanitarium with no idea how they arrived there, our Brave Heroes escape, only to find more questions about the circumstances of their committal. Their employer somehow betrayed them and used their memories to empower a Ritual that allowed him to travel into the Dreamlands in search of the Necronomicon! Will the Player Characters be able to stop him before he completes his mission to bring one of the Old Ones into our reality or will they all be enslaved by the ancient, insane Greater God?


Thursdays - Emerald Spire drop-in Role-playing (Pathfinder Rules System) from 4pm to 6pm (Drop-off 3:30pm, pick up until 6:30pm). Our It's Your Move Interns, Zev and Jacob, run this event, which requires a $10 entrance fee.

Fridays - Learn to Play Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and MtG Draft:

  • Learn to Play Pokemon: Hosted by Tyler G., you and/or your little one can learn to play 'Poke'Mon!' the way it was intended! $15 Entrance Fee includes a random Booster Pack to add to your collection From 3:30pm to 6pm.
  • Learn to Play Magic the Gathering: Drop-in and learn how to play and build decks for only $5! Bring a deck or borrow one of ours to play casually and improve your game! 
  • Magic the Gathering Draft Play: [Recommended Ages 9+] From 7pm to 11:30pm, includes 3 Booster Packs from the Latest MtG Set, $16 per person. Basic Lands are available to BORROW to complete your minimum 40-card Magic Deck.