Standard ShowDown

Saturday October 28th at Noon- $5.

We have a great community of MTG players, we are casual and inclusive and enjoy a love of the games for players of all levels. We welcome new players of all ages!

After School Magic: The Gathering! Every Friday drop in $5. from 3:30 to 6pm ( drop off from 3pm, pick up until 6:30pm).

We have learn how to play classes for the new or curious players, Drafts for the intermediate players and tournaments for the more advanced players. We also have a large space available for casual play.

Check our event calendar for all learn how to play classes!

We have weekly drafts every Thursday and Friday night at 7pm the cost is $15. Everyone keeps all the cards they draft and prize support for the drafts is one pack put into the prize support for each person with additional promos thrown in for Friday night.

We often have casual players, ahead of the draft in the store.

We host all pre-release events they will be posted as events on our Face Book page and also on our Meet Up MTG Meetup Group

Other Formats popular in the store are Pauper modern, cube drafting, two headed giant, sealed deck and standard