Special Magic: The Gathering Events

Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release!! $30.

Friday January 18th midnight - Sealed

Saturday January 19th at 11 am- Youth, Sealed

Saturday January 19th at noon - All ages, Sealed

Sunday January 20th at 11 am - All ages, Sealed

Sunday January 20th at 4 pm - All ages, 2 headed Giant

Ongoing Magic: The Gathering Events

We have a great community of MTG players, we are casual and inclusive and enjoy a love of the game for players of all levels and ages!

After School Magic: The Gathering! Every Friday drop in $5. from 3:30 to 6pm (drop off from 3 pm, pick up until 6:30pm).

You can bring your own deck or borrow one of ours!

Youth Draft -$16 - Every Friday 5:30 - 8:30 pm

( note if you have joined us for our Friday after school program -we credit the $5 to your draft!)

League -

We run league, a sealed event for 6 weeks then take 2 weeks off for the new release and start again with the new set. League is $10, which gets you 3 booster packs of the current set, a league promo card and accessories. You can add a max. of 1 booster pack per week to enhanced your 30 card minimum deck. We play for store credit, and a Spin on our wheel for each participant.

We have weekly drafts every Friday night at 7 pm the cost is $16. Everyone keeps all the cards they draft and prize support is store credit depending on your win to loss ratio but everyone wins here even if it is only an older Promo card.

We often have casual players, ahead of the drafts on Friday in the store.

We host all pre-release events they will be posted as events on our Face Book page and also on our Meet Up MTG Meetup Group

Other Formats popular in the store are pauper modern, sealed League, two headed giant casual commander and standard .

We are an Advanced store and host all Pre-Release events!