We have an extensive used game library here  at Its Your Move Games.  The games can be played in the store all day for a $5 table fee per person over 14 years of age. We add games to it often and are also happy to take donations from the community. We also have a gaming night every Friday, (7 pm to midnight: this is a donation based event,) where we communally teach each other games as well as game demonstrations of newer games on some weekends. Also members of the store can take the games in the library home for a fee of $2. per day, see below.

Benefits of membership:

1) 20% off of purchases of new items in the store.

2) Members no longer have to pay our daily table fees.

3) Members can take the games from our library home for $2. per day (no charge for Mondays).

4) Occasional members only events and rewards.

Memberships at Its Your Move are family memberships and are $50. per year, (365 days).

Come Join our gaming Family!