Every Thursday:

Drop in Pathfinder for ages 10 to 16 $10.

Drop off 3:30, adventure from 4 to 6 pm pickup until 6:30

Pathfinder is a classic Role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons; this class is great for beginning or experienced players. It is an ongoing adventure as our hero's explore the Emerald Spire, a large unexplored ruin rumored to have a wealth of hidden  treasures.

Every Friday:

Drop in Pokémon for ages 7 to 13 $15.

Drop off at 3:00 Hosted with Adult Supervision from 3:30 to 6:00

pickup until 6:30 pm- younger ages can be accommodated with the parent present. Every child will get one Pokémon Booster pack to take home with them each day they attend.

We will teach you how to play and/or how to build a deck. Trading is only allowed with adult supervision.

Drop in Magic: The Gathering for ages 8 to adult $5.

Drop off at 3, hosted from 3:30 to 6:00 pm, pickup until 6:30

Casual play  bring your own deck or borrow one of ours. Learn how to play and build a deck.


Magic: The Gathering League play -

$10 for the 6 week League